Wear OS

The first action drawer shows the type of activity between walking, running, cycling, hand bycycle or other, the workout's name set on the phone and allows you to enable the use of the heart rate monitor during the activity.

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When an activity starts, the monitored parameters are shown; it’s possible to view six parameters using the bottom arrow. They can be customized, in fact, by pressed the field of interest, the list of parameters to choose from appears.

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History shows the list of performed activities. Selecting an activity you can see the details and, through the action drawer, you can send it to the phone (to view, analyze or share it) or delete it.

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If the workout includes intervals, selecting interval details you go to the screen of the current interval’s details where you see the name of the interval, the pace and time/distance that is remaining to end it or, if the interval includes a goal (for example pace or heart rate zone), the difference respect to the predetermined goal is highlighted in red or green according to whether it is respected or not.

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