13rd October, 2019

Released MyRunningApp's version 4.3.6 that can calculate the altitude from air pressure if barometric pressure sensor is available.

19th September, 2019

Released MyRunningApp's version 4.3.0:

- manual entry of the maximum heart rate

- vocal actions to start and end a workout

- print of the workout details

- use of the motion sensor, if available, to improve auto pause detection

- graph snapshot in analyze workout to attach during the printing and the sharing

- support of the integrated heart rate monitor for watches running full Android.

28th April, 2019

Released MyRunningApp's version 4.2.0:

- Foot Pod integration

- notify average values between vocal announces, depending on the chosen voice coach settings (distance and/or time)

- introduced the graph of the Conconi test

- import activities from GPX in the Diary

- introduced the lock screen controls

15th February, 2019

Released MyRunningApp's version 4.1.3:

- sharing the offline map route on social networks

- possibility to insert the activity title in the history

- increased to 7 the number of workout sessions per week when you define a training plan

16th Dicember, 2018

Released MyRunningApp's version 4.1.1:

- improvement of the display speed and interaction of the online maps

- optimization of download size app thanks to the new Google app-bundle distribution method

- compatibility with Android 9.

18th November, 2018

Released MyRunningApp's version 4.1.0:

- backup and restore on Google Drive.

28th October, 2018

Released MyRunningApp's version 4.0:

- MyRunningApp for Wear OS

- sharing on Runalyze

- introduced "hand bicycle" in activity typology

- possibility to change the frequency with which the GPS sends the positions for reducing the battery consumption

- possibility to delete executed workout plan.

22nd July, 2018

Released MyRunningApp's version 3.1.1:

- new graphics for analyze workout

- possibility to duplicate an interval when defining a workout session

- restore of the workout session in progress in case of abnormal interruption of the application due to the battery optimization settings

- possibility to eliminate workout sessions that are part of an active workout plan: in this case a message will warn that the workouts already carried out after the one you want to cancel may no longer correspond to the plan.

28th June, 2018

Released MyRunningApp's version 3.1.0:

- possibility to interface the application with a cadence sensor

- introduced the calories in the goal typology

- possibility to set a corrective factor for calculating the calories burned

- introduced the current, average and interval average percentages of the heart rate max in the activity parameters that you can monitor.

3rd June, 2018

Released MyRunningApp's version 3.0.0:

- possibility to continue workout after the end of a session

- activity type modifiable from the workout details

- for the voice coach introduced: heart zone notification even without workout session, personalized notification distance, notification if outside the heart zone, notification if heart rate too high for health

- drag & drop and swipe to move/delete sessions and training plans

- possibility to import tracks in gpx format

- possibility to use maps in absence of Internet network.

6th February, 2018

Released MyRunningApp's version 2.2.4:

- improved export in TCX format

- possibility to define a favourite heart rate monitor and connect it automatically when the app starts

- introduced the sharing of workout details on Strava

- improved the voice coach notifications for interval training

6th November, 2017

Released MyRunningApp's version 2.2.0:

- ability to customize the displayed parameters during indoor activities

- introduced the altitude in the activity parameters monitored during the workout and in the workout details if its variation is relevant

- introduced the max heart rate in workout details

-new notifications compatible with Android 8

12nd June, 2017

Released MyRunningApp's version 2.1.3 where is displayed route during the workout, with a marker in the starting position and one in the current position, and ability to enable the map interaction.

28th May, 2017

Released MyRunningApp's version 2.1 with the introducing of the steps number and the steps/min in the activity parameters monitored during the workout; this is possible if your smartphone is equipped with step sensors, so you can enable "track your steps" in settings.

21st Febfruary, 2017

Released MyRunningApp's version 2.0.2 with the ability to enable NIGHT MODE.

23rd January, 2017

Released MyRunningApp's version 2.0.1:

- introduced the options "announce next interval" and "announce remaining interval" in the voice coach settings and profile settings

- introduced the options "announce next interval" and "announce remaining interval" in the voice coach settings and in the profile settings

- introduced the option 0.25 km or mi in “notify based on distance” in the voice coach settings

- in the home screen introduced the info button that summarizes the selected workout details

- in the current interval are highlighted the remaining 30 seconds and is announced the countdown for the last 5

- ability to insert note in the field “how did it go?” also at the end of indoor mode workout or manual lap.

1st November, 2016

Released MyRunningApp's version 2.0.0:

- introduced “automatic lap” and “manual lap” in workout interval

- support for multimedia keys.

In automatic lap mode you have to enter the lap length and the number of laps; in manual lap mode, GPS will not be used and you will indicate "manually" the end of the lap you are doing, and the beginning of the new lap; this is done through the use of end lap software button, or using the multimedia keys usually on the headset.

Indeed if you enable this setting, the multimedia keys (for example play/pause, stop, next, previous, rewind, fastforward) in “manual lap” mode allow you to end lap, elsewhere to pause and resume the activity.


2nd July, 2016

Released MyRunningApp's version 1.9.5 with the ability to add "profiles settings" for activity (any, walking, running, cycling, other) and mode (indoor/outdoor).

19th June, 2016

Released MyRunningApp's version 1.9.4:

- refactored history screen

- ability to enable/disable indoor mode in the home screen
- ability to copy a workout session or training plan
- ability to show the executed workout details at the activity end
- ability to export the workout details in GPX format.

June, 2016

Released MyRunningApp's version 1.9.3:

- new workout analisys charts

- in voice coach settings introduced the actual bpm beyond the average bpm

- in workout details a marker is displayed to show the travelled distance on the map.


17th April, 2016

Released MyRunningApp's version 1.9.0:

- introduced “in app purchase” to remove ads

- check the text-to-speech status

- clock added in displayable parameters.

2nd April, 2016

Released MyRunningApp's version 1.8.0 with the optimization of some features, including:

- ability to customize the displayed parameters during outdoor activities

- ability to take photos during workout.

16th December, 2015

Released MyRunningApp's version 1.7.0:

- ability to set the workout goals

- ability to monitor the percentage of use of gears used during workout

- workouts comparison in "analyze"

- introduced the ability to backup your database.

6th November, 2015

MyRunningApp is ANT+™ certified and complies with the following ANT+ Device Profiles: HR_S.

Visit for compatible devices.

3rd November, 2015

Released MyRunningApp's version 1.6.0 with the new app logo and: 

- ability to export the workout details in TCX format so you can import them on various web interfaces

- introduced "challenge" mode to improve own performance

- you can remove warm up and cool down in the workout details and in their sharing.

6th October, 2015

Released MyRunningApp's version 1.5.0: added the connection to ANT+ heart rate monitor.

31st August, 2015

Released MyRunningApp's version 1.4.0: added the “indoor mode” designed for use in gym.

23rd July, 2015

Released MyRunningApp's version 1.3.0: 

- improved Facebook share: added the map with your route

- added workout interval details (current and next) during a workout session.

6th July, 2015

Released MyRunningApp's version 1.2.0:

- improved refresh rate for live monitored parameters

- improved voice coach notifications

- Google Fit integration.

18th June, 2015

Released MyRunningApp's version 1.1.0:

- renamed the application in MyRunningApp

- improved workout analysis in the “diary”

- added manual and auto pause in the "settings".