Why sometimes is the distance traveled not indicated correctly?

This may depend on Android Battery saving settings to help extend the battery life. While this setting is active it may result in the application crashing or not tracking distance. This setting acts for individual applications, so we’d like to encourage users to disable optimization for MyRunningApp if enabled.

I can not disable the battery optimization settings, how do I proceed?

These settings may appear differently on your device.

Let’s analyze some Android devices running Android 6 or highter:

SAMSUNG: go to your phone settings – applications – select three dot menu (top right corner) – select “Special Access” – select “Optimize Battery usage” – find MyRunningApp on the list and make sure that it is not selected.

HUAWEI: go to your phone settings - applications - select “advanced” - select “ignore optimizations” - press “allowed” and select “all apps” - find MyRunningApp on the list and set to “allow”.

SONY: go to your phone settings - select “battery” - tap three dot menu (top right corner) and select “power-saving exceptions” - you will see a list of applications that are not optimized, if MyRunningApp there isn’t in this list, you tap “apps” and select MyRunningApp from the list to edit its exception settings.

LG: go to your phone settings - “battery and power saving” – select “battery usage” – “ignore optimizations” – turn on to ignore battery optimization for MyRunningApp.

MOTOROLA: go to your phone settings – select “battery” – tap the menu in the top right corner – select “battery optimization” – tap “not optimized” and select “all apps” – find MyRunningApp on this list and select “don’t optimize”.

HTC: go to your phone settings – select “power” - “Battery optimization” -tap “not optimized” and “all apps” to see the complete list of apps – tap MyRunningApp and then “don’t optimize”.

ALTRI DISPOSITIVI: there are many other brand smartphones available that use Android and these settings may differ; if your device isn’t in the list, please try to locate a similar setting as mentioned for one of the brands above and apply it to fix the issue with faulty tracking or crashes of the MyRunningApp application.

I have a Huawei phone, how come the application turns off after a while?

This is linked to the Huawei phone which turn off the applications running with the screen off to optimize the use of the battery.

You must go to "phone manager", touch "remaining", choose the item "restrict background apps” and touch “lock screen cleanup” and turn on the switch next to MyRunningApp that you want to run in the background when the screen is locked.

I'm doing an indoor workout, how do I get to know the calories burned?

During an indoor workout we recommend using a Bluetooth Low Energy or ANT+ heart rate monitor; in this way you will know both the current heart rate and the calories burned and you will obtain the graphic analysis of the workout.

How can I stop showing ads when using the app?

Tapping “in app purchase” on the top left menu you can decide, through a small annual subscription, to remove ads when using the application.The process is the one used by Google Play.

If I break the phone or uninstall the application I lose all the data of the workouts done?

We don’t store any data and/or informations of MyRunningApp users. To avoid data loss in case of smartphone breakage or in the case of uninstallation of app, the "Backup" function is available in the settings: the database backup allows you to keep the data of all the workout sessions and training plans. You can “backup now”, “backup your database automatically after each workout”, "share your database backup". Refer to the user manual for how to restore the database application.